Formals and Bridal Photography - Light Sketch Studio

_D806184 "Bridals" and "Formals" and are usually done shortly before the actual wedding.

If the bride has scheduled appointments to "try out" her hair style and makeup a few days before the wedding, this is the perfect time for a bridal session. This is a relaxed session for "just the bride" and one or two guests to enjoy some refreshments, try on the dress and get some images of just the bride. The infinity-white backdrop of my studio is perfect to show the details of the dress and accessories.

_D811585Since we are shooting in-studio, your dress and veil are safe. Outdoor sessions require more care and setup. Some brides may also choose to have more intimate portraits made in the private studio as well.

"Formals" are of the bridal couple and may be done earlier on the wedding day. Planning this session can help to make the wedding schedule easier, since we won't need to make these images directly after the wedding and before the reception... while your guests are waiting. (Yes, it breaks the old taboo that the couple must not see each other until the ceremony.) I like to start this session with a "first look" set of images... recording the moments when you first see each other fully dressed in your wedding attire.  Then we continue with more formal images of the two of you. A word of warning: absolutely plan on at least three hours for this session. Scheduling that can be a bit tricky and requires careful planning and discipline. Or, if you are not rushing off on your dream honeymoon, a day-after session may also work for you!

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