It's likely that I will spend more time with you on your wedding day than ANY other person.

My photography style is to spend less time with posed shots. It's more like I will be tagging along with you all day. (OK, once in a while I might say "Do that again" or "Show me againDSC_0335 what you just did".) It's a comment that I hear a lot from clients, especially grooms, "I hardly noticed that you were there and it wasn't as bad as I thought having a photographer would be."

There may be pre-arranged times during the day that we will take portraits and that usually requires  some posing. The camera "sees" things differently than the subject perceives so I will spend some time making sure that what the camera "sees" actually looks great! In these "portrait moments" I will pay careful attention to all sorts of very picky details such as the angle of the feet relative to the camera, the angle of the shoulders, the angle of the head, the tuck of the chin, the relative size of the eyes (portraits are ALL about the eyes), the placement of the hands and the fingers, and much more. These "portrait moments" take a little bit of time but the results are stunning.

DSC_0335During the ceremony, I will be everywhere, clicking, clicking, clicking. I generally shoot with two professional cameras, one fitted with a long lens (for shots from farther away) and one fitted with a close-up lens. Depending on the number of guests and the complexity of the events, we may need to add an additional photographer.

Joe and Amanda's wedding reception, Deer Valley Resort in UtahLater, I'll capture your guests enjoying the fun, food and libations you have planned. The key here for me is to be nonchalant and mostly un-noticed.

I love to capture the images at the end of the day. The bride and groom saying their good-byes and driving off. We've become such good friends today! Wait, let me come with you on your honeymoon! Hey, it could happen!

Please email (click Contact Me on the menu) or call, or text me at 801-810-9742 if you have any questions.

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