It may seem ridiculous to state that the reason that you should consider ANY photographer is that you love the images that you see in his/her portfolio. Hopefully, by now you have already looked at my wedding portfolio and you are considering me because of what you see.  (If not, please click here see it!)

Being able to capture_D814339 the emotion in the moment is what sets snapshots apart from great images... the images that will remind you of what you felt at that moment. Look for that in the portfolios that you review while you are choosing a wedding photographer.

Consistency is also important. Almost anyone with a camera can take a good image from time to time. A professional photographer is able to consistently make images where you can feel the emotion of the moment captured. Ask to see more images than just the perfect ones that are in a portfolio. Check out the images in my Client Galleries (on the menu above). Here are a few to consider: Haley And Zach, Melissa And Chad, Aubree And RyanMarie and Luis, 

_D814339Notice that my images tend to be of people doing things, not all lined up in a row, for a stiff, uncomfortable, seemingly eternal, few minutes.

The best results come from working together during several different sessions, so we can get acquainted and comfortable working together before the big day. An engagement session or bridals session is a great way to start off.

Please email (click Contact Me on the menu) or call, or text me at 801-810-9742 if you have any questions. I would also love to meet you and discuss your plans and help in any way.

What's Next?

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